nxpm registry

The registry command helps you run a local npm registry and configure npm and yarn to use it. This can be very useful if you are developing packages and don't want to pollute the official npm registry.

It works by executing the command npx verdaccio. If it's not installed globally, npx will handle that for you. If you want to speed up this process, make sure to install verdaccio globally.

Start a local registry

nxpm registry:start
NXPM RUNNING npx verdaccio
warn --- config file - ~/.config/verdaccio/config.yaml
warn --- Verdaccio started
warn --- Plugin successfully loaded: verdaccio-htpasswd
warn --- Plugin successfully loaded: verdaccio-audit
warn --- http address - http://localhost:4873/ - verdaccio/4.5.1

Configure npm and yarn

Configure npm and yarn to use the local registry

nxpm registry:enable
NXPM RUNNING npm config set registry http://localhost:4873/
NXPM RUNNING yarn config set registry http://localhost:4873/
yarn config v1.22.4
success Set "registry" to "http://localhost:4873/".

Check npm and yarn status

nxpm registry:status
NXPM RUNNING npm config get registry
NXPM RUNNING yarn config get registry

Disable npm and yarn

Disable yarn and npm from using local npm registry

nxpm registry:disable
NXPM RUNNING npm config delete registry
NXPM RUNNING yarn config delete registry
yarn config v1.22.4
success Deleted "registry".


This command is based on this script.